Learn About Handling and Refurbishment Times

How long will it take to receive my instrument?

We know that in modern times, time is always of the essence- and thus, it's important to know when you'll receive your order. 

Here at Buzz, we do not begin the refurbishment/remanufacturing (for refurbished instruments) process until an order is placed. There are several reasons why we follow this procedure:

1). It preserves the lifetime of your newly purchased unit.

Internal electronic components, as well as exterior plastic casings, all age with time. It's our goal to send you an instrument that will continue creating a return on your investment for as long as possible-- not just for a few years. Instruments waiting in inventory still age on the shelf- kind of like produce, yet at a much slower rate. Still, by completing the refurbishment process only just right before it enters transit- ensure you'll receive the "freshest" instrument possible. 

2). It ensures calibration and accuracy.

As mentioned above, the aging process is inevitable, even when sealed and protected at our facility. Over time, instruments may become uncalibrated or misaligned without use. By verifying accuracy just prior to transit, we can ensure you'll receive a calibrated device every time.

3). Updated software may be available.

A refurbished instrument may have applicable software updates that were not previously available some months ago. By performing the refurbishment process only once an order is placed, we'll be sure to verify any new software revisions.

4). It allows custom specifications (build-to-order).

Stating the process upon an order allows our technicians to build your instrument to the (optional) specifications you request. Of course, we are unable to change the specification of the instrument as recognized by the FDA, however some instruments (such as the Zeiss HARK 599) do allow for various operator positions and can be requested by a customer upon order.

5). New technology may be available.

Technology changes quick these days; not just the iPhones and tablets of our world, but also the small components that allow them to function. By only performing the refurbishment process upon an order being placed, we're able to source only the latest parts as improved upon by the latest technology. 

We know it can be tough to wait-- and time is money! Currently our refurbishment time spans between 9-23 business days with the majority of our instruments entering transit within 15 calendar days. Always check the actual product "tab-description" for latest handling times per the instrument you're interested in.

6). HIPAA regulations require it

As technology advances, older computerized systems may become obsolete and require continuous updates. By following the most recent HIPAA guidelines and procedures, we're able to ensure proper compliance with federal regulations. 

7). It ensure proper patient care

As time advances, further research is typically performed on specific procedures that may be in-use with an instrument you purchase. Refurbishing this instrument once the order is placed allows us to follow procedures based on current and up-to-date information which may prevent part recalls, quality concerns, and crucial inaccuracies during testing.