Are custom work stations and tables included with Buzz instrumentation?

Beginning in Spring of 2019, BuzzOptics will no longer include original, custom workstations as originally sold, new, from the manufacturer. Due to age and reliability concerns with (original) factory workstation tables, 'new' Buzz-branded pretest tables and workstations can be purchased separately.

Instruments effected include:

  • Zeiss HFA-II and Zeiss HFA-II-i-series Visual Field Analyzers
  • VISUCAM Fundus Imaging Systems
  • Zeiss Stratus 3000 Tomography Systems

Despite these instruments no longer being sold with their original table/workstation, specific Buzz instrument tables will accommodate the effected models. 

A Few Things:

-All effected instrumentation have been tested to operate in the same manner with substituted Buzz instrument tables. Please contact Buzz Support should you have questions regarding which instrument table will suit your newly purchased instrument best.