Are Product Photos of the Actual Item?

Photos published on individual product pages and shop catalogs, are not official manufacturer stock photos- rather our own proprietary images of actual products/instruments we stock. This may not be the specific or exact instrument (or item) you receive. Generally, the specific item(s) pictured are designated 'demo' units designed for store-front use at our facility in Denver, Colorado.

Q: Can I receive actual images of the specific instrument I am purchasing?

A: Generally not. Unless indicated as a "Limited Stock Item," all BuzzOptics' instrumentation is built-to-order, at the time of order with the intent to preserve the instrument's lifespan. This means we can't guarantee the specific unit (serial number) you will be receiving until the beginning of the refurbishment process. 

Q: I'm nervous ordering an instrument I've never 'really' seen-- should I be?

A: We get it-- but no, you shouldn't be. None of our instrumentation should arrive with defects (of any sort) and especially do not have serious cosmetic discrepancies from the instrument pictured on the product page. We generally say that all of our refurbished instruments/devices arrive looking and working like new-- with a few exceptions.

Q: Why are serial numbers hidden or removed from product photos?

A: Per federal law and regulation, we don't disclose any data or identifying marks on any pre-owned equipment to protect the identity of previous owners, and any Protected Health Information that may be traceable from such knowledge. By purchasing said equipment, you are entitled to such information as a proper legal owner.

A Few Things:

-The published photos are in-fact edited to show a plain-white background with a drop shadow appearance. This editing process does not manipulate or further distort the quality, appearance, of functionality of any of our products.

-Included accessories my not be shown in the product photos. Always check the 'Accessories' tab to learn what's included with every purchase.